My New Website


So I’ve finally published a website devoted to revealing a glimpse at my portfolio.  At the moment I’ve only posted a few projects but hope in time to present a much more vast selection.  I have so many projects I want to share, but it will just have to take some time to consolidate all of my works into one place.  This website was initially produced in hopes to satisfy all those who have repeatedly asked throughout the years “where can I view some more of your projects Adam.” My repeated response was always “well… it’s kind of all over the place.” And I meant that in it’s truest form because my works are located not only throughout multiple offices, books, websites, products, and stores but also in various locations throughout the states.  This site will be my attempt to try and reflect some of those accomplishments and appease my family and friends with something to share.

I also want to give big thanks to everyone who has supported me through all my years and tireless endeavors trying to succeed in the media arena. My accomplishments would mean nothing if it wasn’t for all the support.